Plantar Fasciitis and Cortisone-steroid injections

Plantar fasciitis is a common foot ailment that affects millions of people across the globe. Whether via injuries or natural inflammation, PF does cause varying degrees of pain for sufferers. In extreme cases, sufferers can even experience severe immobility and walking issues. While there are a range of conservative treatments available, not all guarantee timely and lasting results. Depending on your specific needs, your podiatrist or foot specialists will formulate a strategic plan of action. This can include medicines and orthotics, along with surgical procedures for extensive cases. To help reduce swelling and inflammation, cortisone


Cortisone Injections for PF

Cortisone injections are designed to alleviate the pain associated with heel pain and other foot and ankle related problems. This is done by targeting the affected areas and bringing down the swelling and inflammation. Due to constant immobility in cases of extreme PF, sufferers may also see a build-up of water that can reach as high as the knees. Cortisone shots eliminate the water problems, while mainly focusing on eliminating all levels and degrees of ankle pain. Like oral medications for PF, cortisone therapeutically soothes the damaged an affected areas. The injection also pinpoints the exact areas where the foot and heel pain emanate from.



Ultrasounds are also synonymous with cortisone injections for foot problems. With ultrasound guidance, foot specialists can ensure the cortisone reaches its desired destination. Dosages can then be lowered or increased based on patient needs. Ultrasounds also help avoid injections into areas where they won’t be effective or useful. While cortisone injections do work for PF sufferers, injections into non-injured or affected areas may cause potential problems. For example: an injection into the heel for a PF patient works best when administered at the layer between the fascia and fat pad. If directly injected into the fascia, there is a high risk for weakness and even partial tears. This is why it’s imperative for ultrasounds to accompany cortisone injections for true precision and guidance.


How long does it take for Cortisone shots to work?

While results vary, it usually takes 2-3 days for the cortisone injections to work on average. This is due to acting component of the cortisone, which is in a crystalline form. Upon injection, the acting component must be accepted and usable by the body. This is simply known as “dissolving in the system”, and has a latency period of up to 3 days. While the affected areas may hurt even after the injections are administered, the days following are crucial in allowing the cortisone to reach the desired areas and work its magic. The result is a dramatic decrease in pain, inflammation, and swelling. If after 3 days you still see no significant change or decrease in pain, contact your foot doctor right away. You may need another round of shots to ensure effective, timely, and lasting results for PF related issues.


How long does the Cortisone last?

While each patient is different, cortisone injections usually last around 3 weeks. In most cases, however, the shots can last for up to 3 months. While the cortisone shots are surely an option, you must be your own advocate. This includes frequent visits to the podiatrist to monitor any changes in pain management. You must also notify your physician if the pain returns at mild to excruciating levels. Your foot specialist will continue to work in pinpointing the exact causes of your foot discomfort. This can include stress, along with obesity and especially injuries related to sports or even walking. The ultimate goal in using cortisone shots is to reduce the pain, swelling, and inflammation associated with PF. If after 3 weeks you still see no significant change, your podiatrist will evaluate the situation and recommend further steps to be taken (e.g. orthotic therapy and/or taping)

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