Orthotics Success Stories

Footlogics is a global leader in orthotics and medical shoe inserts. As part of our weekly blog series, we have discussed a range of foot and ankle problems in great detail. As always, our informative blogs and articles have also covered a variety of treatment options and solutions. This includes walking performance and techniques, along with massage therapies, cortisone injections, and even intricate surgical procedures that restore proper performance and stability. Today, we discuss some of the countless success stories from those that have worn orthotics and truly reaped its benefits. If you suffer from mild to recurring foot pain, orthotics will alleviate the pain, swelling, and tension that come from common and extensive foot problems.


Hollywood Scarlett

Scarlett Johansson is known for her captivating and compelling beauty. While initially starting out as a child star in movies like “Eight Legged Freaks”, the blonde sensation has appeared in countless films and TV shows. Most recently, her appearances in the “X-Men” movies have also showcased her physical attributes and high-impact skills. Like many Hollywood celebrities and A-listers, however, Scarlett does suffer from mild foot pain. This is why she continues to wear orthotics on a daily and weekly basis. In fact, these amazing inserts have helped her at several red carpet events and premieres. Over time, women that wear high heels tend to suffer from excruciating foot, ankle, and leg pain. With comfortable supports, they are able to restore proper walking techniques and help rebuild damaged and heavily impacted areas.


For Whom the Bell Tolls

Kristen Bell is yet another Hollywood superstar that continues to reap the benefits of foot arches and supports. As an accomplished actress, Bell first made her mark on the industry with her unforgettable Broadway performance in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. Like Johansson, Bell dons orthotics to help tackle and prevent the strain associated with high-heel shoes. According to Bell, she deeply cares about her feet and understands the impact tight-fitting shoes have on the foot’s structure. As is customary in Hollywood or New York, however, many actresses wear uncomfortable shoes to make a fashion statement. Whether these popular brands are trendy or simply a notch above the competition, orthotics and custom foot supports simply balance the inadequacies in the feet and legs.


Reasons Why People Wear Foot Orthotics

While these are but a few success stories, there are countless people that have benefitted from wearing orthotics. They come from all “walks” of life, and suffer from a range of common foot ailments. Most wear orthotics due to:

• Arch and heel pain
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Lower led tendonitis
• Achilles Tendon issues
• Genetics and sports related injuries
Posterior tibial tendon problems
• Shin splits
• Walking imbalances and chronic foot pain
• Ankle motion range problems
• Poor circulatory conditions

No matter the problem or root causes of it, orthotics is guaranteed to restore optimal performance for daily errands and chores. Not only does orthotics help tackle ankle and heel related problems, they also work to secure better balances in the legs and surrounding joints, muscles, and tendons. This results in better flexibility, higher mobility, and less strain at the workplace or for everyday commitments.