Low Back Pain Could Be Related to the Way You Walk

Walking is the most natural form of transportation we have. There are, however, countless obstacles and hurdles that can hinder optimal mobility and performance. As part of our weekly blogs, Footlogics recently discussed a myriad of treatment options for foot related ailments and injuries. This includes heel spurs, along with ankle motion range problems and especially plantar fasciitis. Today, we tackle lower back pain issues that are attributed to improper walking techniques. While most back pain is synonymous with stress, weight gain, and even workout injuries, it can also be a direct result of the way you walk. According to industry experts, orthotics and special shoes can help alleviate the pain and tension. These popular items can also help improve agility, balance, and walking techniques.


Orthotics and Special Shoes

If you suffer from chronic low-back pain, there are several treatment options available. This includes spinal manipulation, along with physical therapy and even surgical procedures. Medicines and frequent visits to back and spine specialists can also help alleviate and pain and tension. When traditional treatments do not secure timely and lasting results, however, the problem may emanate from how you walk. According to the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, several people suffering from mild to excruciating back pain also have walking abnormalities. This includes flat feet, along with arch, bunion, and other related issues. To help combat these mishaps and restore proper functionality and performance, scientists recommend corrective shoe inserts or orthotics. As an industry leader in special medicinal shoes, Footlogics features a wide assortment of orthotics guaranteed to produce timely and effective results.


Orthotics Research and Back Pain

A recent study chronicled 32 patients with lower back pain issues. These individuals had been administered traditional and conventional treatments in the past to no avail. Most also underwent intricate surgical procedures but continued to experience back pain in varying degrees. All the patients presented with gait abnormalities, which prevented them from walking or balancing their steps correctly. As part of the study, the sufferers were fitted with orthotics to help correct imbalance issues. According to the results, nearly 84% of those tested experienced a drastic improvement in walking. Their balancing and stride issues were also restored to peak performance rates as well.


Follow Up

Patients also followed up with their respective podiatrists and foot specialists a year later. Many reported successful results in wearing orthotics and corrective foot inserts. In fact, several patients stated that their lower-back pain had diminished significantly. They had also mentioned the pain relief lasted twice as long as previous treatments and surgeries. If you are experiencing frequent lower back pain and have exhausted all efforts with conventional treatments, orthotics may be the right solution for you. Simply discuss your treatment options with your podiatrist or foot expert. As always, our highly dedicated team here at Footlogics is always available to assist you with a wide array of corrective foot insoles and shoes. Simply contact us today for more information and viable treatment choices.